Our invoices are payable in cash 30 days after invoice date to the account number stipulated by Sibilant. Any complaint regarding the invoice must be lodged in writing to Sibilant within 8 days of receipt.
In the event of non-payment, an overdue interest of 8% shall be payable plus a damages stipulation of 10% .

Any complaints are to submitted by registered post within 7 days after delivery date or date of execution.

The nullity of one or several provisions does not affect the validity of the agreement.

Every series of lessons will begin at the time agreed upon by Sibilant and the person in charge of the training at the client, after Sibilant has received the signed proposal.
The meetings of the group courses shall take place in accordance with the times agreed upon as per the email sent to the client or by means of a shared medium; the individual courses shall take place in accordance with the fixed or flexible schedule as agreed upon by the participant(s) and language trainer. Sibilant shall be copied in on all electronic mail communication regarding arrangements between trainer and participant.

In the event of forces majeure, such as natural disaster, fire, strikes, etc. (not an exhaustive list)
the supplier shall be entitled to terminate the agreement immediately and by operation of law, or to adjust the execution of the agreement to the circumstances and this without being bound to pay any compensation.
The duration of the series of lessons shall be in agreement with the number of hours stipulated on the proposal and shall take place daily, weekly or monthly depending on the previously agreed upon arrangement. If any training sessions cannot take place due to illness of the participant(s), the course shall remain ongoing and  the lesson shall restart as soon as the participant(s) is/are once more available; if the participant(s) cannot attend the lessons for a long period due to circumstances, Sibilant shall be informed telephonically or by email by the person responsible for training; if however, the participant(s) has/have not attended  any lessons for the duration of 6 months, the course shall expire, with no possibility for the money paid to be recuperated. The hours could be transferred a different participant. If  a number of sessions cannot take place due to illness of the trainer, said sessions shall be recouped at a later date to be agreed upon; if circumstances imply a prolonged absence of the trainer, Sibilant can  engage a different trainer.

For all courses: if an appointment is postponed or cancelled minimum 3 days before the planned lesson, it can be rescheduled without limit. For late cancellations it is imperative that the participant or a representative calls or texts the trainer on his/her mobile 24 hours before the planned meeting, with a limit of approximately 30% of the total course time.
Any cancellation that does not conform with these conditions shall be deemed as having taken place and as such shall be charged to the customer.
If a lesson of a group course is cancelled by part of the group, the lesson can possibly take place by mutual agreement between the participant(s) and the trainer, but the lesson is cancelled for the participant(s) who cancelled; if a lesson of an individual course is cancelled, the lesson is  not cancelled in the manner described above, but a date can be fixed for a new lesson by mutual agreement between the participant and the trainer.

Any dispute shall fall under the exclusive competence of the courts of Ranst, which will apply Belgian law.

Goods delivered with respect to teaching material will remain property of Sibilant up to the moment of full payment of outstanding invoice. Since the teaching material comprises the methodology and approach applied by Sibilant, said material shall, under no circumstance be copied and/or given to a third party.

After signing the quotation for planned course(s), the company agrees, by way of approval given to the person in charge of training, to be placed on the list of references of Sibilant, containing the name and activity of the company and/or photographs of the participants in addition to the company, as their employer at that moment. These details shall be used for various publicity purposes. If this is not desired, the client shall notify Sibilant by email on

Sibilant guarantees to act in accordance with the GDPR.