Below you can find some students who were delighted they opted for a Sibilant course or coaching:

As a business development manager at Arcadis, Karin felt her English was holding her back. She feels confident now when she's at international meetings.
Tolis and Alfredo are at ease talking to the production people at Biobest and understand what they're saying much more easily.
Recycling vocabulary before, Thibaut and Fanny from Phinest found it really useful to learn how to activate alternative wording.
Sylvia successfully filled the gap in terms of vocabulary and communicates more accurately with the International School staff and can help her kids.
Yannick and Audrey from Wemanity function perfectly in their international environment thanks to their business English training.
Kristof is happy getting tips and tricks so he's fully ready to work on his assignments for his Sports Nutrition training.