With over 17 years' experience and mainly active in the Brussels and Antwerp area, Sibilant specialises in language communication for international companies. 
Our high-quality training comes at an affordable price and anyone who wants to learn from scratch or brush up their skills can take our classes:
  • tailor-made, individual or in group(s) at your company
  • distance learning: online assignments or skype classes
  • individual or group conversation classes as a hobby or for private purposes 
  • private tuition for secondary and higher education students

Students learn conversation mimicking the way they learnt their mother tongue. A great plus: in a classroom we can add extras that accelerate learning: we can apply our question and answer technique, conduct communicative activities, do online exercises, watch videos, explain theory, etc.

Our Q & A was devised to make students experience the learning process as a friendly chat. It tends to put them at ease, facilitating structures and words/phrases to be absorbed. Without realising, they systematically build and refresh their grammar and vocabulary in a real-life context. Feedback and theory come in at the end of communicative activities as back-up for errors and support for vocabulary expansion.

You can go for Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish or Italian. 

Sibilant language training